Our Story

What Uppey stands for

Uppey was founded with the goal of enhancing employee engagement by improving learning and development processes at scale.

We believe in the transformational power of deep processes and are committed to improving organizations and employees’ access to knowledge, skills, and practices to meet the future.

Backed by a pool of knowledgable experts, facilitators, speakers, consultants, and seasoned business leaders, we are both processes and outcomes-oriented.

our values


We stay away from manipulation, "hacks", and vague statements, and we don't perceive growth as a goal requiers falsifying reality


Our favorite sentence is "how can we make it different and better?" We appreciate innovation and don't limit ourselves to what has been done before


We don't give up easily. We embody grit oursleves and we encourage our clients and business partners to embrace consistency, perseverance, and practice


We consider "success" as a factor that first and foremost takes the human aspect into acount. When the people are well, the busines is well. Full stop.

Behind the Scenes

Uppey was happily founded by Davida Ginter and Tomer Ginter, two entrepreneurs from Israel who are passionate about mobilizing transformational change in the areas of employee wellbeing, development, leadership and innovation.

Working hands-on for over a decade with organizations of different sizes and from varied sectors (tech, manufacturing, insurance, health-care, academic inst., startup accelerator, local gov. Authorities, NGOs, and the list goes on and on…), they have heard the same story over and over again:

Employees want to be seen, heard, and valued.
They seek meaning.
They aspire to learn and develop.
They thrive when facing challenging novelty coupled with psychological safety at work (an interesting and complementary combination).

This growing realization led the two to leverage their experience, circles of knowledgeable experts, and partnering organizations who seek to grow and evolve – and gave birth to Uppey.

Tomer Ginter

Tomer (LL.B) carries an extensive background in business development and sales, and helped companies manage accounts of $25 Million a year. Focused on his research in the areas of Flow, purposeful work, and entrepreneurship, he loves connecting theory to action and helping employees and managers get to the bottom of things (“no BS approach”). A mountain climber and an early riser who enjoys discovering new spots of hiking around the globe.

Davida Ginter

Davida (M.Sc.) has previously founded and served as the CEO of Enkindle, a global initiative that focuses on burnout prevention and cultivation of strategic wellbeing. She’s the author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There”, which was featured on Oslo Innovation Week, and works regularly with organizations world-wide to manifest organizational culture shift. Her work has been featured on Forbes, Thrive Global, the Authority Magazine and numerous business podcasts. She's a book, nature, and coffee lover - preferably in a triple combination.

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